Advantages Of 2 Story House Plans

Choosing house plans is a must when it come to building or purchasing a new home. The first thing many of buyers and builders consider is either single-story or two-story. 2 story house plans are preferred for more modern living since it provides extra spaces. So what are advantages of choosing 2 story house plans instead of the single-story? Let’s check them out!

  • Choosing 2 story house is less expensive since it costs less per aquare foot to build. 2 story house need less lots so you the cost is less. The larger the square footage, the more budget you should spend.
  • 2 story house plans are generally fuel-efficient. Meanwhile, single-story house is energy inefficient since it requires more cost per aquare footage as well.
  • Two-story house provides expansive views. You can see trees and other views easily since you have the second story that you can visit to see the view anytime.
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You can build two story house in more versatile ways since you can set additional attachment needed to beautify the look of the design both for interior and exterior. Therefore, choosing 2 story house plans can give you many benefits. That’s why people also like it.

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