Bungalow House Plans

Thinking of relaxing and resting in comfortable place, bungalow house can be the best destination. It’s even more valuable to design bungalow house plans for your new home. Building your own home is exciting yet challenging, especially when it comes to bungalow house style. The classic, warm, and traditional feel are characteristics of this type of home.

Bungalow house typically consist of one story. However, the space is so large that each room has comfortable and wide space. It sometimes has one and a half stories. The secondary story is usually used for private room or storage room. However, the main area for most rooms is still on the first story. The roof has low-pitched style with typical broad eaves. This type of roof is also found in ranch style house. It’s important to know how to maintain this type of roof especially on winter since the snow is always piled up on it.

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The entry part of house is usually connected directly to the living room. Thus, the environment is more welcoming than typical house. An outdoor room is also created due to large front porch. In bungalow house plans, the outdoor spaces are designed to be accessible by adding porches or verandas. The concept of the interior design is open-floor plan. It optimizes the efficiency and flow. There is no space wasted when using this concept for interior design.

For its siding, there are different variations such as Stucco, Rustic, and Brick. In the past, bungalow was defined as small house which prioritized the efficiency as well as flow as main characteristics. However, bunglow today is quite different even though the general concept remains the same.

If you are interested to build a house with bungalow style, you need to consult with professional to get proper advice. Designing bungalow house plans is needed to build your ideal bungalow home style.

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