Characteristics Of Craftsman House Plans

Craftsman house design has gained popularity in recent years. Craftsman house plans were ¬†inspired by Greene Brothers’ work in the late 20th century. The style has become popular since then that most homebuilders try to adapt the style. It can be seen by lots of people get interested to build home inspired with craftsman style.Craftsman House Plans


Here are the characteristics of craftman homes which may inspire you:

  • Generally, the inside of craftman house design is simple and wide-open while details galore can found outside. The style is defined by low-pitched roofs with broad eaves. The rooflines with low-slung design showcase the sense of Oriental architectural style. Meanwhile, it has typically wide eaves as well. This type of room is suitable for warmer climates.
  • The next element characterizing craftsman house plans is front porch. The porch width is either in full or partial cut. It can be placed beneath the main roof ot under an extended roof placed separately. Porch itself is a valuable investment since it extends more comfortable space of small home.
  • There is also partially panned door to most of craftsman home. Glass panels in the upper third of the door are usually found in this type of home. The door is separately placed from the bottom paneled portion, along with a thick trim line. This is the authenticity of craftsman home style.
  • Craftman home usually has earthy color. The house is painted in a nature-inspired palette of greens and browns. The choice of this earthy color helps to enhance low-profile look. Hence, the house seemingly blend with the surroundings.
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Craftman home style is visible and looks unique. The sense of traditional, classic, and low-pofile can be seen from craftman house plans. This type of home is best for growing family. It’s also the best place to release your stress.

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