Choosing House Designs

There are variety of house designs in the world. Indeed, it’s hard to choose one of them. However, you can choose according to your needs and preference. Your dream house should represent who you are and what you like. Only then you can feel more satisfied with the house you have built. Below is the information about house design and style for your recommendation to build your new house.

House Design and Style

  • Beach house – It’s also known as seaside house. If you want to have comfortable place near water, this type of house is the right choice. It is often raised up house. The main living area is raised in one level. It usually has waterfront space and wide eaves. beach style
  • Contemporary style – Large plate glass window and metal or concrete are common for this style. Natural look of wood or stones are added to decoration. Round and rectangle shapes incorporate the style to showcase modern house designs Natural lighting comes from large windows and sliding door. There is not much details or ornaments for this type of house. Contemporary style
  • Farmhouse – It serves as the main residence in rural areas. In the past, it was infused with animal space or a housebarn. However, farmhouse style today is more popular and not limited to rural areas only. The porch stretching on the house’s front area is the main characteristic of this house. The roof is typically steeply pitched as well. Farmhouse style
  • Mediterranean style – This house features reflects landscaping and decorations in the interior. The exterior of walls and roofs are often constructed with stucco. The roofs are covered with tiles and are sloping. Cheerful and bright exterior is the mark of this style. Mediterranean house
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Those are house designs that you can choose as your reference in making your new house. Making a house plan thoroughly is necessary before making your house.

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