Colonial House Plans

Choosing house plans can be conflicting if you don’t have idea of what designs that will reflects your personality and needs of ideal living space. Colonial house plans can one of attractive house plans idea for you who like classic design with unique vibe.

Colonial house plan typically consists of two to three story home design. The exterior looks grande yet classic. The entrance has similar design as in temple. The general materials used for this type of house plan are brick and woods.

To emphasize colonial concept, this house style often features fireplaces. It preserves classic elements to the interior design.  Colonial house plans typically have simple and classic details to enhance the decorative values. Thus, there is no over-stuffed decoration for this type of house.

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For the spaces, it has clearly defined features complemented with open floor plans concept. Rustic ceilings are also featured for interior design. It gives off classical vibe to the environment. Besides, it also gives the interior design warm and welcoming atmosphere.


For the size of colonial house plans, it depends on the homeowner. It can range to modest family house-like to extravagant residentials. This classic house style had been popular since 17th to 19th centuries.

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