Craftsman Style House Plans

Craftsman style house plans define simplicity and honesty of American house. This style is typically natural-oriented. That’s why people love this style of house. This style is incorporated a visible sturdy structure. In addition, natural materials are always combined with clean lines to make the look more elegant.

In the matter of design, shape, and size, craftsman house style is typical American basic square house. Two-story square house is what craftman house design looks like. The house is usually complemented by hip roof, two-storied bays, as well as porches with complex facade.

If you see the design of craftsman style house plans, it may look simple but in the process of construction, it’s not that easy to complete the right design. This type of house typically has smaller bedrooms as well as lower ceiling complemented by woodwork and hardware. Simple porch and low ceiling can be found in this type of house making it looks somewhat simple.

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Each room of craftsman house style is integrated to another with sight lines. To enhance the look of craftsman concept, wood and glass craftmanships are often displayed as focal point so they are more visible. Notably, they are placed in the most public spot of Craftman style house plans.

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