Decorating Ideas For Small Living Room Design

Living room is the center in your house. It should be comfortable place for every member of your family. Even if it’s small living room, the interior and design should be cozy for everyone. Decorating ideas for small living room design might help to maximize the room. Here are tips and tricks for your small living room:


– Consider seating with storage

If you choose seating like sofa or daybed with storage hidden beneath, it will help to maximize the room. You can use it as a place for sitting and also to put magazines, or small stuffs in the storage. Hence, it doesn’t take up the space but deliver more sofa


– Coffee table for the best

Instead of large rectangular-shaped table, it’s better to place a coffee table for living room design. It offers practicallity and doesn’t take up the space. Coffee table is also movable which make you easier to change the decoration.

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livingroom table

– Be brave to choose bold color

Don’t hesitate to play with the color. You can apply dark, dramatic, and bold color to the living room. It makes the room look more positive.

livingroom paint

– Choose smart lighting

To save room on floor space, you can choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above. Swingarm lamps can free up the space on the side tables if you like.


– Lightweight appearance-furniture

Choose furniture based on its visual weight can help making the small living room looks spacious. Heavier furniture will seem to constrict a space. Avoid boxy furniture and choose pieces with legs instead. Glass furniture will help to manipulate the space looks since you can see through them.

 livingroom furniture

By applying those tips and tricks, you will be able to turn your small living room into comfortable area fir with your family. Living room design is about exploring your creativity

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