Design Of Ranch Home Plans

Ranch home plans

Ranch style house can be one of the most unique designs. Choosing or designing your dream ranch home plans must be fun. For your information, the earliest ranch style homes date to the 1930s in California. It had become favorite house design since it provided relaxing environment. In addition, it can be modified or combined with another detail for more modern life style.

The characteristic of ranch home style is single story. It’s also characterized by L or U-shape configurations, making it looks wide and large. This house design is also characterized by long and horizontal with asymmetrical facade. To complete the concept, sliding glass door, attached garage, or huge picture windows are included.

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Ranch home plans mostly use open-space concept with combining style. For example, dining room, living room, and family rooms are blending into one another or in one open-areas. To connect one room to another, sliding glass door is used. It provides spacious environment to the interior design.

Ranch home plans are typically built into single story floor plans to give off large space. Thus, it looks extravagant even from the outside. Ranch house style fits for growing family since the overall concept tend to be family-friendly or family-oriented.

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