Elaborating Simple House Design

If you dream of having simple house, then you must start considering simple house design which sohcase clean and simplicity to the overall look.  Visualizing ideas into real layout might be quite challenging since there are many factors to count in.

Making simple house plan means you need to think simply as well.

First, focus on main elements like space, size, and style. Those elements should fit your needs and life style. How big the space you need is influenced by how many people will live in the house.

Next is how you elaborate the characteristic of simple house design. It’s supposed to be clean and light look. Hence, you need to choose furnitures that will suit perfectly with the concept. You will need furnitures with clean line and light materials to avoid the interior design look bulky or stuffy.

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Then, set color choice for your interior and exterior to reflect the concept. For simple concept, you’d better avoid combining too many colors. ¬†Two colors with the same tone for painting your walls fits perfectly to the concept.

The advantage of having simple home is you don’t need to spend extra money for unnecessary details or ornaments. Simple house design allows you to focus on main elements.

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