European House Plans

European house plans can consist of one or two story. It’s always referred to classic house with elegant vibe that many European feel comfortable with. If you think this house plan can fit only for those who live in Europe then it’s wrong. European house style can be built anywhere. You can build it even in the modern city. The vibe of classic and elegance house of this style will remain the same.

Materials used for building european house style are generally combination of two materials such as stucco or stone, siding, or bricks. Lots of people like using bricks to enhance unique look without doing much intervention to the design. It’s great as it is.

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European house plans are well suited for large lots. The size of this type of house is typically large. Thus, this house is also suitable for growing family since it’s enough large space for all family member.

For the rooflines, European style house use varied designs. Copper roofs and stylish accents are preferred to bring the feel of a castle. In addition, this type of house also add some ornaments to enhance luxurious and elegant vibe. European house plans has been inspired by castle design a lot.

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