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There are many types of house design that might have inspired you in building your new house. Choosing the best design that fits your personality and preference isn’t easy. There are many components which may not fit perfectly. That’s why, you need to make a home plan prior to building your new house. To help you find more references,

Here are some types of house styles:

Modern House Style

This style has become dominant architectural style for several decades. This style is often involved simple yet advanced furniture for the decoration and interior design. The color chosen is typically neutral and warm. Concrete is also used to add modern details.Modern House

Prairie House Style

You may have heard before about Prairie style. It is defined with horizontal lines, flat roof with broad overhanging eaves, as well as horizontal band windows. This house design is also often integrated with landscape, solid construction, and ornamnet discipline.

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Spanish House Style

Spanish architecture is a mean of communication rather than just a building. That’s why the architectural style is always integrated with certain movements. Architectural tradition is part of this style. Spanish style often looks similar to temple, palace, or castle.Spanish House

Traditional House Style

This style still exists even if we now live in modern-era. It’s similar to tudor house plan-styled architecture. It has front gable and immense chimney. It’s characterized by lower roof pitch and elaborate detailing. Simplicity is the main feature of this style.Traditional House

Tuscan House Style

This is Italian house style which generally uses materials like wood, stone, wrought iron, and tile. The architecture characteristic is rustic yet stylish with simple and clean line design.Tuscan House


Those are some references for house styles that you can apply to your new house. You may add your personal details to your house design so it fits your preference.

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