French Country House Plans

French country house plans is the best choice when you plan to build a house with classic yet appealing concept. French house can consist of one or two story. It’s always referred to classic house with elegant vibe that many Europeans feel comfortable with.

French has strong influence in many architectural fields included for residential style choices. If you find this style is appealing, why not choosing this style for your ideal living space? How to elaborate French style to your new house? Let’s get started!

Materials used for building most European house included French house style are generally combination of two materials such as stucco or stone, siding, or bricks. The use of bricks can help enhancing unique look without doing much intervention to the design.

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French country house plans are well suited for large lots. The size of this type of house is typically to provide large space. For growing family, this is the ideal style since it delivers  large space for all family member to live comfortably.

Some accents tend to typically adopt the feel of a castle. To enhance the feel of French style, some ornaments are added. French country house plans have been one of the most inspiring concept for residentials all over the world.

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