How I Design My Home?

Designing my own home seems fun but it’s kind of hard to do. If I were to design my home, then I feel like I can’t do it myself. Building a house is different from building sand castle on the beach. So where do I start?


The first step is to collect information from many sources like watching architectural programs on TV, reading magazine, or browsing the internet. Visiting neighbor’s home can be the way to get inspiration of ideal house design. It means, inspiration is everywhere.


How to start designing my dream home?

  • Sort out what I really need is what I should do in the first step. Being specific on every aspect will help me to determine everything clearly. I have thousands ideas in mind and sometimes it’s hard to sort them out. Thus, it will help a lot to specify everything related to my ideal home such as what kind of home I really want, what size do I prefer, etc.
  • Budget is my main issue. People said that if you don’t set the budget right then there is a risk to stop in the middle of building process. To avoid that kind of tragedy, I prefer setting my budget right in the beginning with the help of professional. Doing some research can help to asses the budget I need to spend to design my home.
  • The next is to find ideal location then start developing my design through the real plans. I do this step with the help of professionals. Handing the job to the professional architect can turn my ideas into actual design. Discussing everything in details with the professional can help to prepare everything perfectly.
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Preparation in building new home takes time. However, being dedicated and thorough to the entire process of design my home will help a lot.

Below are Home Design Pictures Ideas

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