How To Create Unique House Plan Design

In creating house plan design, you don’t need to strictly follow the textbook. If you follow the rule strictly, then the design of your dream house will not represent what really want. Thus, it’s better to choose design that you like. It should be design that you will love for 20-30 years in the future.


There are tips to make your home design decorating looks gorgeous but still offer comfortable environment:


It’s better to have high ceiling rather than the low ones. High ceiling will help improving air circulation. It will also make your interior design look more spacious. If you are planning to build small home, you can also fake the height placing large mirror to the interior design. It manipulates the interior to look larger and taller indeed.


Choose basic color scheme for every room in your house. You don’t need to make every room have the same color. Just determine a certain theme for the whole house then choose color with similar scheme with different color for each room. Thus, the overall interior design of your house still has clear line.

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It’s often that windows are forgotten in house plan design. ¬†Try giving the window trims a splash of color. Paint them with your favorite color to match the environment or the overall ambience. Choosing the right color will make it blend in with the landscape outside the window.


Make your interior design look more unique by installing mirrored-panels with sectioned pattern.  Installing them in your living room will provide brighter and larger look. Those panels also help improving the environment to look elegant and stunning without being too much.


Creating house plan design that fits your personal taste and needs is essential to make your house more unique. Even if you let the professional make the plan, you still have absolute control to decide what you really want for your dream house.

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