How To Mazimize Your Small House Plans

Tiny house may be disadvantageous when it comes to space. However, there is always a way to maximize your small house plans. Thus, you can live large even if your house is small.

Follow these simple tricks so you will live more comfortably

Avoid walls and blocks

make multipurpose rooms instead. For tiny house, you’d better avoid making walls or barrier. It will make your house more stuffy. Without a wall, you can make a room to have more function.multipurpose furniture

You can utilize the space under the stairs

Empty space under the stairs can be used as functional space. For example, you can make it as your library by placing hanging-bookshelf attached to the wall. It can be a reading-corner to spend your free time.

under the stairs

Choose sliding walls instead of door for your small house plans

It will let your space breathe. Door actually takes up the space. That’s why people now prefer sliding door instead. Or, you can also opt for glass walls to separate space without visiually dividing the room. Hence, it looks spacious.sliding door

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Placing large mirror can help to double up the appearance of the room.

You can place it in the living room or bedroomlarge mirror

Choose low-sitting furnitures to create the illusion of vertical space

Your interior will look more spacious when you put them. It’s also better to keep lines and materials simple.

Instead of kitchen table, it’s better to opt for coffee bar

It surely will make your kitchen look larger. Coffee bar also has modern feelcoffee bar


Those tips will make you able to enjoy comfortable life in tiny house. With the right small house plans, you don’t need to worry about the space anymore. Everything related to architectural matter needs creativity. Thus, there is no limitation to make your place as comfortable as you expected.

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