How To Optimize Small House Design

Sometimes it’s hard to choose design for tiny house. Choosing decorative ideas for small house design needs some considerations since the space is the main issue. With smart ideas, it’s not impossible to make your tiny house feel more spacious and comfortable to live in. So let’s check out these smart ideas to optimize your small house.

  • Choose open storage shelves for your kitchen instead of regular kitchen cupboards. Open storage is more eye-catching and appealing. It can be used to separate dining area and kitchen. However, it still keep the entire space open and airy. You get the look and function at the same time.
  • Don’t let any extra spaces go unused. If it sometimes happens that there is nook between two small closet. You can turn it into a simple workstation. You can provide extra space by adding a desk, and add shelves above to store books. To take up a little room, the desk is built into the wall.
  • To make your spacious small house design, it’s better to avoid dark hues. Try to feature a gray focal wall for a punch color. To make the entire space light, choose white furniture and white built-in units. The lighter the room, the larger it looks.
  • Instead of door, it’s better to choose curtain as divider. Sheer curtain can be used to divide two rooms efficiently. You can use it to separate living room and dining room. To make it looks elegant, choose a sheer, silk curtain panel. Or, you can choose transparent curtain if you like.
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Even though it’s hard to decide the right interior design for tiny house, you can try the smart tricks above to make your small house look larger and feel more comfortable. Now it’s time to to explore your ideas for your small house design.

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