Inspiring Ranch Style House Plans

Ranch style house is preferred by American and has become one of the most favorite styles of house. Choosing or designing your dream ranch style house plans is possible. It’s indeed suitable for growing family. For your information, the earliest ranch style homes date to the 1930s in California. At that time, people liked the style because it reflected a relaxed environment for family.


However, Ranch house style is not always strict to certain details. It can be modified or combined with another details for more modern living experience. You can simply adapt Ranch house style to modern design. However, Ranch home style is typically has a single story floor. The story has hipped or gabled roof. The style of house often ranges from L or U-shaped configurations.


Ranch style house is also characterized by long and horizontal with asymmetrical facade. For more modern style of ranch house, it sometimes includes sliding glass door, attached garage, or huge picture windows. Ranch style house plans also adopt open-space interior design combining style for different rooms. For example, dining room, living room, and family rooms are blending into one another in one open-areas.  Sliding glass door is used to connect each room.

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As told above, ranch house style is suitable for growing family with many children. It’s because this house is typically built in one story plan. The overall space is designed to be open and wide for family to do activities freely. As you know that space has usually become the main issue in building house. Adopting ranch style house means you can provide spacious place for living.


If you are interested to adopt ranch style to your new house, you need to prepare proper land since it requires large space. However, you can ask professional to help you design ranch style house plans according to your requirements.

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