Interior Design For Small Spaces

Space is the main issue when it comes to tiny house. Choosing the right interior design for small spaces carefully can be quite challenging. Every details of your small house need to be planned thoroughly to give spacious feel and look.  Interior design is not always about look. The first priority is of course to deliver comfort to your family even with small spaces.

Here are tips in planning interior design for your small home:

  • For small house, high ceiling is the best option. High ceiling will improve the air flow and circulation through the room. If your ceiling is not high enough, you can trick it by placing low and light furniture. Hence, the room doesn’t look stuffy or crowded.
  • It’s better to stay clean and simple if you want a perfect interior design for small spaces. Tiny look of your interior design can be daked by choosing light and bright color for the wall. Darker hues should be avoided since it makes the interior design look gloomy and narrow.
  • Setting the proper lighting can help your interior design to look more spacious. Utilize natural lighting by setting large mirror. It will reflect the light and give the illusion of larger space to the interior design. You can also install window-panels to let the sunlight come into the room as natural light.
  • Ensure to organize furniture’s placement. Instead of placing everything randomly, it’s better to stay in simple style by placing furnitures organizedly. Just place one furniture as focal point to boost up the room. Thus, the space flow is smoothly enough to let you move here and there.
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To create comfortable and beautiful Interior design for small spaces, you need to balance every aspects perfectly.  Color, size, and furniture choice are important elements to be decided properly.


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