Mediterranean House Plans

here are so many styles for house plans. Mediterranean house plans are so interesting. It’s influenced by Spanish and Italian style. The characteristics of mediterranean house is the use of stuccof or the exterior. The roofa are typically low-pitched with barrel-tile.

For the floor plan, single floor  concept is used so the house looks larger. If you need a house with large space and breathable environment, this house style is jusy perfect since it features high ceilings as well.

Mediterranean house plans are also suitable for growing family since it typically features large outdoor spaces. There is no way that this type of house can’t provide comfort since it features arched doorways and windows. They will make the airflow run smoothly inside and out. You can even feel the breezes flow through the house because of perfect air circulation.

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Even though most of mediterranean house style is typically built in single-floor plan, some of them use two-floor planc concept to provide moder spaces. However, the concept of large space is still existed even on the second floor. The ipper level is always featured with verandas or courtyards for entertaining. Mediterranean house plans provide welcoming feeling and the sense of family-friendly living space.

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