Open Floor House Plans

Many families choose open floor house plans because it give many benefits. It provides quality time and spaces to keep the family together comfortably. Open floor plans are great for those who live with big family. If you don’t like home with too private concept, open floor plan is great idea you can consider. However, many experts also say that to lay out open floor plan is not so easy.

Each room has their own function, purpose, and characteristics. With open floor plan then you should blend those different elements together in one space. The issue is about how to separate each room invinsibly but they still have their own characteristics following their functions.

Here are tips for you to lay out open floor house plans. First is to blend dining area with kitchen. To make it more efficient, it’s better to set up eating area in your kitchen counter instead of placing dining table which is way too space-consuming.

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Next, if you want to blend dining room and living room together, separate them invinsibly. Don’t place the sofa against because it’s not a good idea for open floor house plans. Instead, it’s better to place the sofa in the room then you can place a dining table behind.

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