Small But Beautiful House Plans

Space is always be the main issue when it come to home. Aside from it, decorating the interior design to look beautiful is also important. Thus, making small yet beautiful house plans must be fun to do. To make your house beautifully you need to make a throrough plans started from choosing the design to deciding the materials needed.

Your small house has limited space so you’d better avoid walls and blocks and make multipurpose rooms instead. Barrier will only make the room look smaller. You can apply open-floor concept so two or three different room can be in one space without visible barriers.

Make beautiful house plans by utilizing the unused space such as the space under the stairs. The space can be used as functional spot. For example, you can place a bookshelf so you can read your favorite books there.  Reading-corner can be your favorite spot to spend your free time.

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Choose the right palette for the interior design of your beautiful house plans. If you want to make the room brighter then choose light color as palette or basic. To avoid boring look, add darker hues from the same color as the basic to be applied as accent.

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