Smart Tricks To Maximize Small Home Design

Even though everyone might have dream of luxurious and large house, it doesn’t mean they can get it. Some people may only afford for small home. However, small home design is not that bad. You can feel comfortable even if you have tiny rooms in your house. With simple yet smart tricks, you can maximize your narrow spaced- house. Let’s get started!

  • Use empty are under stairs to become a storage. Rather than pile up your books in your bedroom randomly, why not use the empty space under the stairs as your new storage? You can optimize every single space to become more useful. Thus, your bedroom won’t be messed with bunch of books anymore.
  • Choose simple design for every room is the best way to maximize your tiny house. Too many furnitures will only turn your house into an obstacle rather than a comfortable place. With small house, it’s better to let go of conventional arrangements. A single sofa can be the best choice instead of stuffing the are with chairs, coffee table, armchairs, and sofa.
  • Choose different display tricks. Even with your small house design, you may want to higglight each room with special display such as painting, ceramic, etc. The key is at the arrangement. Try grouping items in odd numbers and varying heights. Thus, you still can display your personal expression of style without making your house looks stuffy.
  • Unite different room in one open space will help your house to look more spacious. Break down the line between functions by choosing broader palette. Thus, you can unite kitchen, dining room, and living room from borrowing each other’s floor space.
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Those are simple tricks to maximize your small house design. You don’t need to feel crampy or stuffy by following those smart tricks.

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